CQ Hams Still Groovin' In The 60's

About John .....


John grew up during the 1950s/60s in South Bend, Indiana, graduating from high school in 1970. Four years later he earned a BA Degree from Indiana University in secondary education with a major in sociology and American history. Two summers were also spent studying at Uppsala University in Sweden where he has traveled subsequently several times.

In 1975 John moved to Arizona in search of warmer weather and to work on an advanced degree at Arizona State University. He would later earn a MA Degree in American Indian Education from the university. From 1976 to the present, John has worked in the field of Indian education, serving as a high school district Indian Resource Coordinator, a Vocational and Technical Career Counselor, a high school social studies and English teacher, a Career Advisor, and the past four years as a school administrator. He also currently acts as the Public Information Officer for his school district. For a period of 17 years John also worked part time in the evenings in educational television, producing and hosting various types of programs on a city educational cable channel.

John is married and has two grown sons who also live in Arizona. His primary hobbies include ham radio, listening to 1960s- 1970s pop-rock music, travel, raising succulent plants, and last, but certainly not least, actively involved as a free-lance writer on 1960s music for "The 60s Official Site". He also closely follows both college and professional football with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame his favorite college team and the Arizona Cardinals his favorite pro team.