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John - Beach Boys CQ Hams is a domain for ham radio operators and rock and roll afficionados alike who love the music of the 1960s. Whether you are a ham or not, I hope you enjoy the biographies, trivia, and information contained here on the recording artists/groups and their songs.



John Timmons at the Beach Boys Historic Landmark, Hawthorne, CA.

The site also compliments a radio net (see below) for hams on the same topics. In June 2008, I integrated my love for ham radio and '60s pop-rock music and television shows with the start of a weekly net on the 220 Mhz. band. From this time forward,The 1960s Pop-Rock Music and TV Shows Net has continued to air every WEDNESDAY evening at 7:30 pm on the 224.500 repeater located atop Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona. The purpose of the Net is to serve as an on-air meeting place to discuss, relive and learn more about the music and TV shows that had a memorable impact on the 1960s and well beyond.  Hams unable to access the repeater and non-hams who would like to participate in the Net are invited to join us via EchoLink or SKYPE on the Internet Please e-mail me for details.

The Net features trivia questions about the songs of the '60s and the artists/groups who recorded them, as well as on TV shows from the decade and the actors who starred. There are also three featured segments each week including, This Week In 1960s Rock and Roll History, Number 1 Hits For The Week Of....., and This Week In 1960s Television History.

If you live in southcentral Arizona, "winter" in the area, or perhaps are just "passing through", please join us on the Net. All Babyboomers "into the '60s" are welcome!!!




John N7LQR

Maricopa, AZ

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